Some of our favourite memories from last year…

September 25, 2022


To celebrate the launch of our new website, blogging is really something that we are keen to get back on.  This year, understandably, has been the toughest for us and fellow suppliers in the wedding industry and it’s spinning many plates just to keep up. As a result, sharing the many beautiful weddings throughout Scotland that we love to capture has inevitably taken a back seat. So, we had a sit down chat and decided that Paula would delightedly take on this role, whilst Brian continues to be editor in chief and admin boss! 

Rather than share just one wedding (which we will do in coming weeks), for our first blog, we would like to give you a flavour of some of the 2022 weddings we have captured this year so far at some of our favourite places. We’ve been keeping things natural and relaxed- we do love a barn, unusual  venue or outdoors – so have greatly enjoyed being at Comrie Croft, Cardney Steading, Bachilton Barn, Falside Mill, Wed in a Shed, Millearne Gardens, The Barn at Harburn and Borlands at Loch Tay as well as getting to know some new locations in Edinburgh. Shooting at The National Museum of Scotland when everyone else had gone was the stuff of dreams and we also loved the creativity and uniqueness of Summerhall. 

So, grab a cuppa of choice and enjoy some wedding pretty from our year so far! Looking forward to sharing some beautiful individual weddings with you soon.

Lots of love

Paula & Brian 

With thanks and sharing the love to the following venues: