Muthill PS 2017

Please note the following when ordering prints from the gallery…

1. Some images in the gallery may not fit the print sizes/aspect ratio prints that have been selected. Please ensure that there are no shaded areas laid over the image when checking out as this area will not appear on the final print.

2. As part of the ordering process clients can re-crop any of the images to their liking (possibly to ‘zoom in’), and fill more of the print with the individuals featured in the image.

3. There are a number of black & white images in the gallery, but it is not possible to convert all of the images into b&w in the full gallery. Please use the contact form on the website to let us know that you would like your particular images converted along with the photo numbers.

4. We would also like to offer parents a £30.00 discount on our ‘Lifestyle’ family photoshoots (normally £95.00), where we can take much more relaxed and natural photos. The photoshoot lasts for approx. 1 hour, takes place at a location of your choice and preferably outdoors in a natural setting.

5. Please note that it is strictly prohibited to copy, ‘screen grab’ or reproduce any of the images in the gallery as they are subject to copyright protection. Any infringements will result in an automatic bill being generated and sent out to you.

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